How To Sell A Property In The Best Conditions?

When you want to sell your property, it is important to be well advised. We support our clients during all stages of the sale. Do you want to sell quickly, safely, and with peace of mind? Call us!

To allow you to sell your property in the best conditions:

  • Your advertisement is broadcast on a high-performance website.
  • We provide a targeted and effective communication plan on its partner portals. Distribution certificates are given to you so that you are informed of the interest of buyers for your property.
  • The network uses virtual visits, and this technique simulates the visit of an apartment or house in 360 degrees.
  • It promotes HDR photos in order to enhance your property. Very high-quality photos generate 4 to 6 times more contacts.
  • It has a contact book of real estate professionals to offer you solutions such as Home-Staging to accelerate the sale of your property.
  • The drone allows you to admire your property with different angles and heights, so as to exploit all the visual possibilities.
  • Your property is displayed to arouse the interest of the locals!
  • It organizes open days, an original and effective way to introduce your property to future buyers.

Are you thinking of converting to real estate? Are you worried about going on your own? Solutions exist, join a network! The choice of the real estate network should not be taken lightly.

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Is Overbidding Prohibited In Real Estate?

In a real estate market tense by lack of offers, it sometimes happens that buyers who covet a particular good outbid in order to be able to acquire it. Is this practice of overbidding legal, authorized, or prohibited in real estate?

Overbidding is not prohibited when the property is sold by a real estate agent.

The real estate agent acts under an intermediary mandate, which does not allow him to hire his principal. When he collects an offer at a price, it is up to him to transmit it immediately to the seller to obtain his agreement on the proposed sale. The seller can always refuse to follow up, except to compensate the real estate agent who accomplished his mission, who found a buyer at the price of the mandate. He, therefore, remains free to accept a higher offer.

The purchaser who made the first offer at a price may legitimately feel aggrieved, but in the current state of the texts and the case law, he has no recourse, being third to the agency contract.

Overbid in the event of a sale by an individual

The situation is different; Hoguet law, which regulates the activity of real estate agents, no longer stands between the buyer and the seller. It follows that if the purchaser, after having visited, formally accepts the price offered in the advertisement, the sale may be considered to be perfect, and the seller may not reverse. Article 1583 of the Civil Code states that the sale “is perfect between the parties, and the property is acquired by the right to the buyer with respect to the seller, as soon as the thing and the price are agreed, although the thing has not yet been delivered or the price paid.” Still, the offer to purchase must be unambiguous, made with full knowledge of the facts, in particular of all the conditions of the sale, essential as well as substantial elements. In case of dispute, the courts will assess on a case by case basis: the agreement of the purchaser only in view of a sale announcement will be known to be insufficient to qualify the perfect sale. There are many other considerations than the thing and the price in a real estate sale, deadlines, financing, diagnostics, etc.

But after the offer has been formally accepted, the seller cannot retract.

He will, therefore, not be able to accept a higher bid.

Unless the offer is drafted rather as an agreement to enter into talks, with a clause such as “a compromise will be established no later than…, during which the parties will define all the conditions of the sale…” In this case, the seller may break the talks at will, but at the risk of owing damages to the buyer. He cannot be forced into a forced sale.

And unless the offer, although accepted, is considered by the courts only as a partial agreement, one or the other of the parties could not have had all the essential elements suitable for making an informed decision …

As we can see, the problem of overbidding real estate is complex, and it is authorized or prohibited depending on the context.…

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Real Estate Conversion

A reconversion in real estate to be successful must be considered because there are many possibilities, so choose immediately the path that suits you best. And regardless of your previous journey, what is important is what you want to do, what attracts you, what you feel you are prepared for.


There are, of course, commonalities between all real estate professions, these are contact professions, you have to be comfortable in your relationships with others. And everything else can be learned!


We offer an important choice for real estate conversion, from the creation of an agency to the management of a regional network, including rental management, or even simply a real estate advisor, under salaried status or sales agent.


To consider creating an agency, you need a small capital, of course, but the most important is to feel the talents of an organizer and team leader. A classic agency at cruising speed works with a manager, a person in the administration, and three or four salespeople for the transaction service, more possibly a management service. The role of an agency manager is to create and maintain the conditions so that the whole team is motivated and efficient.


To retrain as a real estate advisor, it is possible in one of our agencies if there is one near you, or as an independent commercial agent throughout Canada. The qualities required are once again a sense of human contact, and an ability to work and organize alone. In an agency or from home, you organize yourself. Another point to consider is the fact that if real estate is a profession where you can earn a very good living, sales are generally irregular, sometimes you sell five homes in a month, but also that the ‘we do not make any sale for one or two months: this affects morale, if you are resilient it is a good asset, if you give in to discouragement it will be all the more difficult to bounce back.


Another possibility in our network is to recruit and lead your own team, without necessarily having premises. In this case, there is a team to lead, but not administrative, which will be better suited to certain temperaments more “leaders of men” than managers.


In all cases, it is possible to add rental management, keeping only the commercial side, accounting, and legal being provided by the head office.


And of course, in the case of retraining, you will need training, know that we organize it daily online or face-to-face, on all the topics necessary for successful retraining!

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